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MEDstatistics is the online platform for collection and evaluation of your therapy data. The new system expands upon the expertise of the medRegistry, a successfully utilised online register.

INNOFORCE ensures smooth operation of the system and offers competent technical support for customers (hotline), leaving you more time for your core business.

You can benefit from MEDstatistics' following features
  • Quick and easy ascertainment of important therapy parameters
  • Clear visualisation of the therapy progression (in graphic and tabular form)
  • Extensive statistical evaluations
  • The option to export data at any time for local storage (for further evaluation in MS Excel, for example)
  • Confidential handling of the collected therapy data
  • Secure data hosting in a Swiss data centre
  • Competent support
A solution tailored to your needs

MEDstatistics is currently available for retinal therapies (AMD, DME, BRVO, CRVO). The system will be expanded in the future for use in additional fields. Seeking a solution for your specialisation? Then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Users report

"I have now had the opportunity to work extensively with the new version of MEDstatistics and I am delighted by it. It is very convenient that I can link patients in MEDstatistics with my electronic medical record. This means I can enter the necessary data in one single procedure and it becomes very easy for me to systematically manage my data.

I can now statistically evaluate the outcome of my treatments at any time with a single mouse click and can compare the results with those of reference studies. This has significantly contributed to the improvement of my treatment strategy in recent years and I can obtain direct confirmation of this thanks to MEDstatistics."


Dr. Pascal Imesch

Consultation view with graphs
Optimized Data Input
Statistical evaluations