THE ENT database

All surgery reports, audiograms, follow-up reports, operation sketches and X-ray images in a user-friendly database

ENTstatistics is a database program designed to help ENT specialists manage their patient information and also provides them with a range of new options.

It not only systematically documents all relevant aspects of ENT examinations and treatments, but also enables users to statistically analyse these.

Dr. Christoph Schlegel und Prof. Thomas Linder, Lucerne, Switzerland
Prof. Joachim Hornung, Erlangen, Germany
Dr. Toynton, Hastings, New Zealand
Dr. Moser and Dr. Rösch, Salzburg, Austria
A/Prof. Payal Mukherjee, Sydney, Australia
Prim. Dr. Thomas Keintzel, Wels, Austria
Emeritus Prof. Coman, Brisbane, Australia
Prof. Douglas, Auckland, New Zealand
Prof. Stelter, Rosenheim, Germany
Dr. Goesta und Esther Schimansky, Lünen, Germany
Prof. Andreas Leunig, München, Germany
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During day-to-day medical routine, it is usually only possible to methodically record data when the database system is easy to use and has been designed to be user-friendly. ENTstatistics not only offers these advantages, but makes it possible for users to rapidly document treatment data, such as surgical OP reports, audiogram results, follow-up reports, sketches and x-ray images in a logically structured form.

Maximum flexibility

The Admin Tool is a separate program that allows users to flexibly modify the criteria configuration to their individual requirements or research interests should these change over time.

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Flexible and individual interfaces

ENTstatistics can be easily integrated in an existing hospital information system (HIS). It can be used to view ENT-relevant treatment and statistical data directly from the HIS.

The corresponding workload and costs are minimal as ENTstatistics has a variety of interfaces. It is possible, for example, to automatically import:

  • Personal patient details and case data (HL7)
  • The results of audiological examinations conducted using all standard devices
  • Images and PDF files

Should you require adjustments to the software as well as additional functionality, our development team will be happy to develop a solution that is fully tailored to your needs.

Export of results and treatment data to the HIS

ENTstatistics also has interfaces that provide for the export of data so that results obtained in the ENT department can be automatically uploaded to the HIS. Recently generated audiograms, for example, can be made accessible from all workstations in a hospital in the form of PDF files.

Schematic illustration of the integration into a hospital IT infrastructure


ENTstatistics has been developed in collaboration with leading manufacturers of ENT-related devices.

Modular structure

The ENTstatistics database has a modular structure. This design means that the database configuration can be readily adapted to the individual needs of each ENT clinic.

ENTstatistics can be supplied with the following specialised modules:

  • Otology Module (CI functions)
  • Rhinology Module
  • Tumour Module
Module overview ENTstatistics


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