1 Database for all ENT diagnostic results

The perfect assistant for the management of your examination findings


Diagnostic Manager is a database program that has been specifically designed for use by specialist ENT practices and hospitals.

You can easily and rapidly load the required information at all workstations and also print these as necessary.

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Dr. Alexander Loch with the Diagnostic Manager in his practice in Berlin. 


Diagnostic Manager has been developed in collaboration with leading manufacturers of ENT-related devices.

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Diagnostic Manager is available in two editions: Edition Pro and Edition Clinic

Edition Pro

Optimal integration - Integration in practice software systems

By means of a GDT interface, Diagnostic Manager can be readily incorporated in existing practice programs (such as Turbomed, Medistar and others). You can thus continue to use your practice program to access the required results and display them.

Migration of existing data

In addition to interfaces that make possible the prospective documentation of results, INNOFORCE also offers data migration services, for example, for audiogram results from existing databases.

Integration in practice environment

“We have been using the Diagnostic Manager since May 2014 in our large ENT Centre in Hamburg; to date, our overall experience of use of the system has been extremely positive. The system makes it possible to efficiently use the many PCs in our network with their different programs that are present in various locations in our practice with its several floors.

We can now access the various programs, can compare and process data at all of our 40 workstations, something that was previously impossible. The Diagnostic Manager is a very useful and powerful tool that helps optimise procedures in medical practices.“

Portrait of Frank Becker
Dr Frank Becker
HNO Zentrum Alstertal
Hamburg, Germany

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Edition Clinic

Optimal integration - Integration in hospital infrastructures

The Clinic Edition of Diagnostic Manager can be incorporated essentially seamlessly in the existing IT infrastructure of a hospital. The program both keeps the personal data of patients up to date and transmits these to the diagnostic devices. In addition, examination results are automatically transferred in PDF format via a HL7 interface to the HIS, and can thus be viewed anywhere in the hospital.

Worklist function

The Worklist function makes it possible to send work orders from the HIS directly to the Diagnostic Manager via an HL7 interface. The medical staff can then view the current orders in the Diagnostic Manager’s clearly designed work list and call them up for processing at the click of a mouse. Thanks to the Worklist function, work processes can be optimised and valuable time can be saved.

Migration of existing data

In addition to interfaces that make possible the prospective documentation of results, INNOFORCE also offers data migration services, for example, for audiogram results from existing databases.

Integration in hospital environment

“The Diagnostic Manager simplifies the routine of any ENT practice or department enormously. A programme for all medical findings it is: fast, clearly structured and attractive in design. INNOFORCE’s keen and dynamic team has really landed a major coup for ENT staff.

All custom manufacturers can be implemented and the modular system is easy on the pocket for all medical practices and ENT departments, whether large or small. Anyone operating not only their patient administration system but also more than two additional diagnostic programs (e.g. for rhinomanometry, ultrasound, audiometry, tympanometry and balance assessment) should take a good look at the Diagnostic Manager.”

Portrait of Klaus Stelter
Prof. Klaus Stelter
RoMed Klinikum
Bad Aibling, Germany

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Distribution partners

Below you will find our various distribution partners for the Diagnostic Manager listed by country and in alphabetical order.

Wholesale and Equipment Division
629 Nudgee Road, Nundah, QLD 4012

Phone: +61 7 3250 0369
E-Mail: enquiries@sonici.com.au
Web: sonici.com.au

awomed Medizintechnik GmbH

Landwiedstraße 211
4020 Linz

Tel: +43 732 26 16 10
E-Mail: office@awomed.at
Web: www.awomed.at

Neuroth Medical Division GmbH

Wiedner Hauptstrasse 120-124 / EG
1050 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 545 50 13 – 0
E-Mail: info@neuroth.at
Web: www.neuroth.at


Mosettigasse 1
1230 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 9611 642
E-Mail: info@sanoniq.at
Web: www.sanoniq.at


33, rue de l’Industrie
4700 Eupen

Phone: +32 87 89 80 80
E-Mail: sales@difra.be
Web: www.difra.be

Sonova Belgium

Z. 3 Doornveld 122
1731 Asse

Phone: +32 2 468 19 81
E-Mail: infomail@sonova.com
Web: www.phonak.com


Ravensteingalerij 35-37
1000 Brussels

Phone: +32 2 512 67 37
E-Mail: info@veranneman-audio.be
Web: www.veranneman-audio.be

Autronic Reglersysteme GmbH Medizintechnik

Grützmühlenweg 44
22339 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40-320 30 309
E-Mail: mail@autronic-regler.de
Web: www.autronic-medizintechnik.de


Jahnstraße 25
42929 Wermelskirchen

Phone: +49 2196 88 69 44 0
E-Mail: info@datmed.de
Web: www.datmed.de

Diatec Diagnostics GmbH

Hohenbuschei-Allee 2
44309 Dortmund

Phone: +49 231 92 53 14-30
E-Mail: vertrieb@diatec-diagnostics.de
Web: www.diatec-diagnostics.de

EST! Medizintechnik AG

Panoramastraße 5
72766 Reutlingen

Phone: +49 7121 90 900 0
E-Mail: info@est-med.de
Web: www.est-med.com

Hans-Jürgen Ludwig Elektroakustik

Berliner Straße 6
07545 Gera

Phone: +49 365 8002277
E-Mail: webmaster@elu-ton.de
Web: www.elu-ton.de

Hecker Medizintechnik

Regattastraße 273
12527 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 62 80 42 16
E-Mail: info@medizintechnik-hecker.de
Web: www.medizintechnik-hecker.de

Hörniß Medizintechnik GmbH

Burgstraße 28a
51371 Leverkusen

Phone: +49 214 23420
E-Mail: info@hoerniss.de
Web: www.hoerniss.de

Keller Medizin-Technik GmbH

Wormser Straße 49
69469 Weinheim

Phone: +49 6201 9019 0
E-Mail: info@keller-meditec.de
Web: www.keller-meditec.de

Mack Medizintechnik GmbH

Schirmbeckstr. 13
85276 Pfaffenhofen Ilm

Phone: +49 8441 8089 0
E-Mail: info@mack-team.de
Web: www.mack-team.de

MERZ Medizintechnik GmbH

Gutenbergstraße 43
72555 Metzingen

Phone: +49 7123-9597 888
E-Mail: info@merz-medizintechnik.de
Web: www.merz-medizintechnik.de

Natus Medical GmbH

An der Kleimannbrücke 75
48157 Münster

Phone: +49 251 203 983 0
E-Mail: hbinfo@natus.com
Web: www.hearing-balance.natus.com

Otopront GmbH

Langgasse 90
65329 Hohenstein

Phone: +49 6120 – 92 17 0
E-Mail: info@otopront.de 
Web: www.otopront.de

Rösch Riemser Pharma GmbH

Buckower Chaussee 100
12277 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 667915 0
E-Mail: info@r-mt.de
Web: r-mt.de

Steinmeier AUDIO-Med GmbH

Waisenhausdamm 6
38100 Braunschweig

Phone: +49 531 44074
E-Mail: info@audio-med.de
Web: www.audio-med.de

Wilfert Medizintechnik GmbH

Kappelhof 2
85247 Schwabhausen

Phone: +49 8138 667 328
E-Mail: wilfert-medizintechnik@arcor.de
Web: –

Zeisberg GmbH

Gutenbergstrasse 39
72555 Metzingen

Phone: +49 7123 97697510
E-Mail: scz@zeisberg.net
Web: www.zeisberg.net


Parc des Barmanniers
3 allée des Barbanniers, 92635 Gennevilliers Cedex

Phone: +33 (0) 1 41 43 23 23
E-Mail: info@interacoustics.fr
Web: www.interacoustics.fr

Otometrics France

Parc Du Moulin De Massy
37, Rue Du Saule Trapu, 91300 Massy

Phone: +33 1 60 13 76 66
E-Mail: info-fr@otometrics.fr
Web: www.otometrics.fr

SCR Electroniques

141, rue des Poissonniers
75018 Paris

Phone: +33 42 55 17 84
E-Mail: info@scr-electroniques.com
Web: www.scr-electroniques.com

Entermed BV

Steenovenweg 4,
3417 XR Montfoort 

Phone: +31  58 29 88 888
E-Mail: info@entermed.com
Web: www.entermed.com

GNP Magnusson Aparatura Medyczna Sp. z o.o.

Kajetany, ul. Mokra 7
05-830 Nadarzyn

Phone: +48 89 651 06 80
E-Mail: biuro@gnp.com.pl
Web: www.gnp.com.pl


Netzibodenstrasse 33
4133 Pratteln

Phone: +41 61 463 09 90
E-Mail: info@audiocare.ch
Web: www.audiocare.ch

Beyond Medical Solutions AG

Schiffbaustrasse 10
8005 Zürich

Phone: 0800 100 018
E-Mail: office@beyond-medical.com
Website: www.beyond-medical.com

Diatec AG

Im Schörli 5
8600 Dübendorf

Phone: +41 44 822 12 12
E-Mail: info@diatec.ch
Web: www.diatec.ch

HNO Praxis am Roten Platz

Gartenstr. 5
7000 St. Gallen

Phone: +41 71 4941697
E-Mail: drlitschel@gmail.com
Web: hno-sg.ch


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