THE eye database

THE expert system for eye therapies.


The Eye Clinic Manager is a database program designed to help ophthalmologists manage patient data with new innovative options.

It not only systematically documents all relevant aspects of ophthalmological examinations and treatments, but also enables users to statistically analyse these.


User-friendly and time-saving

During day-to-day medical routine, it is usually only possible to methodically record data when the database system is easy to use and has been designed to be user-friendly.

The ECM not only offers these advantages, but makes it possible for users to rapidly document treatment data, such as measurements, consultation notes, surgical OP reports and sketches in a logically structured form.

The therapy data stored in the ECM can be searched and processed on the basis of many different criteria. Users particularly appreciate the extensive possibilities for visualising findings over time.

Maximum flexibility thanks to the Admin Tool

The Admin Tool is a separate program that allows users to flexibly modify the criteria configuration to their individual requirements or research interests should these change over time.

The many benefits of the ECM

  • Simple, rapid and clearly structured documentation and processing of diagnostic and treatment data
  • Evaluation options for research purposes; e.g. for clinical trials, for cost optimization and for submission to authorities, legislative bodies and funding/insurance organisations
  • Fully fledged system that has been used successfully in daily routine for many years and is subject to continuing development
  • Time savings thanks to wide-ranging functions for generating reports
  • Patient and/or measurement-specific task management

Quality enhancing features

  • Relevant eye therapy data archived in their entirety with a clear structure
  • Simple gathering of the results from all examination devices
  • Rapid location-independent access to data
  • Clear visualisation
  • Optimal integration into existing hospital infrastructure

Cost-saving features

  • Easy and quick operation
  • Significant time saving for evaluations
  • Report generation with a single mouse click
  • Flexible integration into existent systems
  • Based on a sophisticated system which is being continuously improved



Individually customised and integrated

The ECM can be easily integrated in an existing hospital information system (HIS). It can be used to view relevant eye treatment and statistical data directly from the HIS. The corresponding workload and costs are minimal as the ECM has a variety of interfaces. It is possible, for example, to automatically import:

  • Personal patient details and case data (HL7)
  • Ophthalmological measurements data from numerous devices
  • Images and PDF files
  • DICOM data

Export of results and treatment data to the HIS

The ECM also has interfaces that provide for the export of data so that results obtained in the ophthalmology clinic can be automatically uploaded to the HIS. Recently generated measurements, for example, can be made accessible from all workstations in a hospital in the form of PDF files.

Schematic illustration of the integration into a hospital

Migration and training

Migration of original databases and customisation

In addition to interfaces that provide for the prospective documentation of data, INNOFORCE also offers a data migration service to customers who want their previously documented measurements and OP records to be integrated in the system.

Thanks to the close dialogue between the highly qualified development team at INNOFORCE and the specialists at your ophthalmology clinic and hospital IT department, the ECM can be optimally adapted to your requirements and integrated into the hospital’s existing systems landscape. It is the objective of the highly qualified team of developers at INNOFORCE to find solutions that are ideally suited to the needs of users. If necessary, the program can also be individually modified and expanded.

Training and support

Users who invest in the ECM not only acquire a top quality program but are also given the know-how to use it to maximum advantage.

Our INNOFORCE support team is there for you.

We offer:

  • Help with integration and configuration
  • On-site training of personnel
  • Detailed product documentation
  • Telephone, email and remote desktop support

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