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"Diagnostic Manager provides rapid access to neuro-otological data". In the field of neuro-otology, it is necessary to measure and document a wide range of parameters. If these are processed by the database systems supplied with the measuring devices, the evaluation of results can be time-consuming. As a result, both physician and patient have to sit there until the computer displays the necessary information - they may need to wait for up to a minute for each result and that can add up to 40 - 50 wasted minutes every day.
HNO Mitteilungen, Aug 2014, full article

"It was a typical win-win situation". Stefan Wilhelm moved Germany to Liechtenstein, in order to do his major in Entrepreneurship. He is a prime example for the link between science and economy.
Wirtschaft Regional, Oct 2013, full article (in German)

"Entrepreneur Of The Year: Grand Final with eight nominees". Already for the third time, the 'Entrepreneur Of The Year' award is being. On the 18th October 2013 things will get exciting for the eight nominees: on the award night, the winner will be selected from their ranks. Christoph Wille is with INNOFORCE one of the eight nominees.
Volksblatt, Sept 2013, full article (translated)

"Professional practical training abroad.". „The University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria has an excellent reputation“, Stefan Grasböck knows, „so I had a leap of faith.“ Summer 2012 he started this internship at INNOFORCE.
derStandard Karriere, Aug 2013, full article (in German)

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