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Audiometry training with virtual patients

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Edition Student

Location-independent and flexible with “Otis – the virtual patient”

You can install the cost-effective Edition Student of Otis on your own computer and practice audiometry whenever and wherever you like.

This Edition Student is particularly appreciated by educational institutions, as it offers their students a high degree of flexibility and at the same time provides the necessary tools to optimally support the students remotely.

The licenses can be purchased directly from the online shop:

Otis — the virtual patient simulates a range of complex hearing defects so that correct audiometry can be administered without having to burden a patient at all. 

The software intelligently and realistically simulates the behaviour of the patient and detects possible user errors immediately. The program guides the learner through the exercises at several levels of difficulty and provides useful help.

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Optimizing Education

Otis – the virtual patient shortens the time needed for training, as all types of hearing impairment can be simulated for audiometry testing at any time. In this way, proficiency in procedures can be improved, and the skills acquired can be put into practice significantly faster.

Using the program, experienced practitioners also have the opportunity to acquire routine in working with complex hearing impairments, thus decisively increasing client safety. The integration of autonomous learning concepts allows learners to work simply and efficiently wherever they are, and thus make best use of their time.

Developed by Experts

Otis – the virtual patient was developed in close cooperation with consultants at the University Hospital in Zurich, the Academy for Hearing Aid Acoustics in Lubeck and the Aston University in Birmingham. Otis – the virtual patient does not just set completely new quality standards; it has also been extremely well received by experts. Its fundamental benefits compared with traditional methods have led to educational and training institutions, private hearing aid dispensaries, medical practices and hospitals throughout the world integrating it into their training and staff development programmes within a short time after the product launch.


Otis – the virtual patient presents a completely new approach to running training courses for audiologists.

During the actual audiometry course, the instructors focus on teaching the theory and providing the participants with an introduction to using the program Otis.

After the course, the participants have the opportunity to deepen the theoretical competence they have acquired autonomously either on a distance learning course or in a suitably equipped skills lab and apply them with Otis – the virtual patient.

At the same time, exercises and analysis data are exchanged over the Internet so that each learner may be individually supervised and supported by the trainers.

These courses can finish with a test which the participants can take using a PC not tied to any particular location.

Otis training approach
“Dear Mr. Wille, this summer I read your book on audiometry. To my opinion it is perfect! Especially Chapter 7.2 is very close to my experience! So I congratulate you with this thoughtful book. Kindest regards!“
Portrait of Alexander Gunenkov
Dr Alexander Gunenkov
National Medical Academy
Moscow, Russia
“Our students have found Otis the virtual patient to be very useful in attaining the technical skills for testing. The case bank is particularly helpful in preparing students for a variety of hearing loss configurations prior to their first clinical encounters with clients.“
Portrait of Yee-Foong Stone
Yee-Foong Stone
Macquarie University
Sydney, Australia


Otis – the virtual patient is available in two editions: Edition Pro and Edition Expert

Edition Pro

The Edition Pro of Otis – the virtual patient has been specially designed for individual audiologist training, medical practices and private hearing aid dispensers.

Conducting complex hearing tests requires a high level of training and continuing professional development in the field of audiometry. It is to meet this need that Otis Pro has been developed with its user-friendly interface and numerous features.


The didactically designed software familiarizes learners with audiometry at a selectable level of difficultly and monitors each and every step. Accurate analysis of the measuring processes also allows the learning objectives to be continually monitored and adapted.

Otis Pro is therefore the instrument of choice for cost reduction whilst quality demands increase.

Quality enhancing features

  • Increased reliability when measuring complex hearing impairments
  • Prevention of measurement errors
  • Increased reliability and comfort for the patient due to training without hearing test participant
  • Completely objective feedback

Cost-saving features

  • Intensive autonomous training
  • Less supervision during audiologist training
  • More efficient measurements thanks to more routine
  • Otis Pro can be used on any PC for training purposes

Edition Expert

The Otis Expert of Otis – the virtual patient was developed specially for course leaders and training managers; it provides numerous functions to allow the patient profiles and exercise data to be tailored to the particular needs of learners. With the additional assessment module, you can generate and evaluate student exams.

The Otis Expert for trainers and tutors in conjunction with the Edition Pro for learners provides a completely new training concept, combining the most up-to-date communication technologies with traditional didactic principles.

Otis Expert therefore the instrument of choice for increasing the efficiency of continuing training.

Quality enhancing features

  • Standardized training
  • Better routine and certainty when masking
  • Individual feedback from the software and from tutor via the internet
  • Completely objective feedback

Cost-saving features

  • Training without actual test subjects
  • Intensive and autonomous learning
  • Reduced staff costs for running training courses
  • Practice facility without having to rely on expensive audiometers

The training package comprises (Edition Pro and Edition Expert):

  • software with more than 100 exercises to different hearing defects and impairments
  • didactically structured textbook, “Audiometry – A Manual for the Practitioner“ by Dr Thomas Spillmann and Christoph Wille (3rd extended edition)
  • user handbook
  • two summary cards with flow diagrams and abbreviated descriptions
  • numerous exercise modules with detailed descriptions
  • free-of-charge download of the newest exercises and descriptions

System Requirements


Minimal Requirement

Operating System*

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Harddisk space

200 MB


512 MB

Screen resolution

1024 x 768 pixel

Zusätzliche Software

Adobe Acrobat Reader

*If you wish to use it on a Apple computer, you will need to run it on a PC emulator (e.g. Parallels).



To assist you in getting familiar with Otis – the virtual patient we have put together some instructional videos:

Operation of the virtual audiometer


Correct masking not possible


Operating the audiometer with masking



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Web: www.awomed.at

Neuroth Medical Division GmbH

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Tel: +43 1 9611 642
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Hospitalia Ltda.
Av. Américo Vespucio 1565, Quilicura
Región Metropolitana, Santiago 

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Jahnstraße 25
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Diatec Diagnostics GmbH

Hohenbuschei-Allee 2
44309 Dortmund

Tel: +49 231 92 53 14-30
E-Mail: vertrieb@diatec-diagnostics.de
Web: www.diatec-diagnostics.de

Keller Medizin-Technik GmbH

Wormser Straße 49
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Tel: +49 6201 9019 0
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Mack Medizintechnik GmbH

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Tel: +49 8441 8089 0
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MERZ Medizintechnik GmbH

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72555 Metzingen

Tel: +49 7123-9597 888
E-Mail: info@merz-medizintechnik.de 
Web: www.merz-medizintechnik.de

Natus Medical GmbH

An der Kleimannbrücke 75
48157 Münster

Tel: +49 251 203 983 0
E-Mail: hbinfo@natus.com
Web: www.hearing-balance.natus.com

Steinmeier AUDIO-Med GmbH

Waisenhausdamm 6
38100 Braunschweig

Tel: +49 531 44074
E-Mail: info@audio-med.de
Web: www.audio-med.de

Wilfert Medizintechnik GmbH

Kappelhof 2
85247 Schwabhausen

Tel: +49 8138 667 328
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Web: –

Zeisberg GmbH

Gutenbergstrasse 39
72555 Metzingen

Tel: +49 7123 97697510
E-Mail: scz@zeisberg.net
Web: www.zeisberg.ne

Instituto Auditivo Salesa

Pau Claris, 98
08010 Barcelona

Tel: +34 933 173 570
E-Mail: info@salesa.es
Web: www.salesa.es


Netzibodenstrasse 33
4133 Pratteln

Tel: +41 61 463 09 90
E-Mail: info@audiocare.ch
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Diatec AG

Im Schörli 5
8600 Dübendorf

Tel: +41 44 822 12 12
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Guymark Ltd

Veronica House, Old Bush Street
Brierley Hill DY5 1UB

Tel: +44 1384 890600
E-Mail: sales@guymark.com
Web: www.guymark.com


If you are interested in purchasing Otis – the virtual patient, you are welcome to do so via our online shop.

Please feel free to contact us for a tailor-made offer for educational institutions.
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