Portrait of Herbert Jakits

Herbert Jakits

Chartered audiologist
Zurich, Switzerland

How do you, as a specialist dispenser of hearing aids, use Otis in your business?

There are two ways of deploying this product. Firstly, in basic training, where it is extremely useful and simple to use, as our employees can find their way into the field relatively independently. Secondly, we use it to maintain quality standards, as more experienced staff can use it to practice working in situations which rarely present in practice, and in this way can be prepared for difficult situations.

How does your staff benefit from training with Otis?

The decisive feature of Otis is that both trainees and experienced staff can benefit from autonomous learning and practice. They can take every opportunity to be prepared for difficult cases and thus avoid nervousness when dealing with actual clients.

Have you noticed an improvement in the quality of your test measurements since introducing Otis?

Quality has certainly been enhanced, as difficult cases can constantly be practiced, and in this way staff become more attentive. Staff learn how to recognise irregularities or inconsistencies in test measurements.

What benefits has Otis brought for your business?

The obvious benefits are that we can now make use of slack time to practice with Otis, and that staff can manage their own training whenever it is convenient or an opportunity presents itself.

Thank you very much.

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