Portrait of Frank Becker

Dr. Frank Becker

Alsertal ENT Centre
Hamburg, Germany
Dr. Frank Becker, Hamburg
Dr. Frank Becker

“We have been using the Diagnostic Manager since May 2014 in our large ENT Centre in Hamburg; to date, our overall experience of use of the system has been extremely positive. The system makes it possible to efficiently use the many PCs in our network with their different programs that are present in various locations in our practice with its several floors.

We can now access the various programs, can compare and process data at all of our 40 workstations, something that was previously impossible. The Diagnostic Manager is a very useful and powerful tool that helps optimise procedures in medical practices.”


Dr Bodo Schiffmann

Sinsheim ENT Centre
Sinsheim, Germany
Dr Bodo Schiffmann

“Every year at the Sinsheim ENT Centre, some 2000 patients with vertigo are subjected to extensive otoneurological diagnostic examinations using the devices of various manufacturers. Our main problems were reconciling the various different software systems and ensuring the standardised documentation of findings.

Now that we have acquired the Diagnostic Manager, all these difficulties have been resolved as we can access data with the aid of one single software system. Our network can also now operate more effectively following the removal of the many different databases and it has become far easier to install new workstations at which it is only necessary to run the specific device software together with the Diagnostic Manager.”

“We should also like to stress the way that our personnel have readily accepted the software following its introduction: without the need for extensive training, the software was readily and quickly adopted – something that tended to be a drawn-out process in the past. The Diagnostic Manager has become an indispensable tool. We should like to express our heartfelt gratitude for this.”

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