Enabling evidence-based medicine when it is needed
COVIDstats is a database program that not only systematically documents all relevant data of COVID-19 therapies, but also enables users to statistically analyse these.
Dashboard with clear visualization of therapy data
Dashboard with clear visualization of therapy data

User-friendly and time-saving

During day-to-day medical routine, it is usually only possible to methodically record data when the database system is easy to use and has been designed to be user-friendly. COVIDstats not only offers these advantages, but makes it possible for users to rapidly document treatment data, such as symptoms, CT findings, interventions, vital status and laboratory results in a logically structured form.

The therapy data stored in COVIDstats can be searched and processed on the basis of many different criteria. A mouse click allows important statistical characteristic values to be calculated instantaneously and presented in graphical form.

Location-independent thanks to online questionnaires

This functionality enables patients to complete questionnaires on tablets, smartphones or at home on the web. The responses are sent automatically to the COVIDstats, where they are displayed clearly. The questionnaire functionality can optimise workflows and save a significant amount of time.
Online medical history questionnaire
Online medical history questionnaire

The many benefits of COVIDstasts

  • Simple, rapid and clearly structured documentation and visualisation of medical history, diagnostic and treatment data
  • Evaluation functions for research purposes; e.g. for clinical trials and for preparing statements for submission to authorities, legislative bodies and funding/insurance organisations
  • Based on INNOFORCE technology, which has been used successfully for many years worldwide and is being continuously developed


Readily customisable thanks to modular concept!

The COVIDstats database has a modular structure. This design means that the database configuration can be readily adapted to the individual needs of each clinic.

Maximum flexibility thanks to the Admin Tool

The Admin Tool is a separate program that allows users to flexibly modify the criteria configuration to their individual requirements or research interests should these change over time.


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