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INNOFORCE is an innovative and dynamic engineering company with core competences in medical informatics, especially in the fields of ENT and hearing aid acoustics and in education and training.

INNOFORCE supports you with creative solutions and assists you in the implementation of the developed concept with marketable, accepted technologies.

INNOFORCE works closely with leading hospitals and has already successfully implemented a wide range of projects which have had a broad level of acceptance within professional circles.

Customers report
"The new edition of the book Praxis der Audiometrie (Audiometric practice) has been enhanced with an on-line collection of case studies. It was a pleasure for me to set up this web-site together with Christoph Wille from INNOFORCE. His sound knowledge of audiometry and his constructive input helped us overcome many a difficulty."  
Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ernst Lehnhardt
former head of MHH Hannover
"From an IT point of view, the installation with INNOFORCE was once again a pure pleasure. The software meets all our specifications without any reservations. Here, the principle that ‘size doesn’t matter’ has proved to be true once again. If this were always the case, we would save ourselves a great deal of time and trouble each time." 
David Lupp
IT Project Integration
Lucerne Canton Hospital

"All our experience with the ENTstatistics otology database has been positive without exception. It only took a short induction period before all the data on ear operations could be input in the shortest possible time in a user-friendly fashion. The interface communication with our clinic information system (CIS) via HL7, together with the communication with our GDT-GPT linked audiometry systems has been robust and problem-free."

"It has also been possible for the end-user to configure the program with the minimum of effort to adapt it to the specific situations and classifications in our clinic – thanks at least in part to the rapid response of the INNOFORCE team."


Dr. Marc Unkelbach
Assistant Medical Director
ENT Department Frankfurt Höchst

Christoph Wille, M.Sc. ETH
Phone: +423 384 0100


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