Dr. Roman Fishchuk
UCL Ear Institute, United Kingdom
Experiences at UCL Ear Institute, United Kingdom

Otis – the virtual Patient is a great piece of software both for audiologists in training and for specialists who don’t perform audiometry on a regular basis. It definitely has a few very strong features that I would like to point out. Firstly, it is case-based. Instead of just learning how to perform audiometry you are actually managing a specific case. It makes it very realistic. Additional information (clinical history, tympanometry and tuning fork tests) is available for each case that improves the interpretation of the test. Though, I think clinical picture could include more information. Both adult and paediatric cases are included in the test that helps understand the difference in results from children and adults.

Secondly, Otis – the virtual Patient has training and test modalities. In training mode you can receive tips and hints from the program, whereas in test mode the whole procedure is performed without any assistance. In the end you can check what parts of the test were performed correctly and/or incorrectly. Final assessment is very helpful in training process. The software is designed to make it as close to real-life setting as possible.

Thirdly, Otis – the virtual Patient incorporates widely accepted test procedures and guidelines.

Overall, I think “Otis – virtual patient” is very helpful software that should be used in training of audiologists and ENT specialists. Of course, the extent and goal of using Otis – the virtual Patient for audiologists and otolaryngologists will differ but will be of benefit for both. Using Otis – the virtual Patient will improve technical skills and reduce test time in real life that will benefit the patients, doctors and health care facility.

Thank you.