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ENTstatistics is a database program designed to help ENT specialists manage their patient information and also provides them with a range of new options. It not only systematically documents all relevant aspects of ENT examinations and treatments, but also enables users to statistically analyse these.

During day-to-day medical routine, it is usually only possible to methodically record data when the database system is easy to use and has been designed to be user-friendly. ENTstatistics not only offers these advantages, but makes it possible for users to rapidly document treatment data, such as surgical OP reports, audiogram results, follow-up reports, sketches and x-ray images in a logically structured form. The therapy data stored in ENTstatistics can be searched and processed on the basis of many different criteria. A mouse click allows important statistical characteristic values to be calculated instantaneously and presented in graphical form.

Quality enhancing features
  • Relevant therapy data archived in their entirety with a clear structure
  • Measures identified for optimising internal processes and procedures
  • Increased therapy success rate
  • Reduced treatment costs
  • Rapid location-independent access to data (e.g. during a consultation)
Cost-saving features
  • Easy and quick operation
  • Significant time saving for evaluations
  • Individual configuration of all reports with the Admin Tool
  • Flexible integration into existant systems
  • Based on a sophisticated system which is being continuously improved

ENTstatistics users report

"ENTstatistics is indispensable in the creation and operation of an otology database. Thanks to the user-friendly interface different users quickly learn how to interact with it. The statistical tools, particularly the evaluation of audiometric data, boost the efficiency of employees and represent an inestimable timesaver.

Thanks to the manufacturer's high-quality customer service the programme can be continuously adapted to our changing demands. The possibilities for interfacing and automatic collection of biomedical data testify to the versatility and effectiveness of ENTstatistics. Its use in a multiple user network is entirely free flowing. A great success!"


Prof. Olivier Deguine
Prof. Olivier Deguine
Director of the Otology and Neurotology Clinic
Toulouse, France
"An extremely constructive collaborative project with INNOFORCE has resulted in a database program which not only provides complete storage of relevant audiological, surgical, imaging and graphic data but also supplies a rapid and comprehensive statistical evaluation. - A system like this is something we’ve been waiting for for a long time!"  
Dr. Thomas Linder
Prof. Dr. Thomas Linder
Director of the ENT Clinic
Luzerne Canton Hospital

"All our experience with the ENTstatistics otology database has been positive without exception. It only took a short induction period before all the data on ear operations could be input in the shortest possible time in a user-friendly fashion..."

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Dr. Marc Unkelbach
Assistant Medical Director
ENT Department Frankfurt Höchst

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