Working with renowned otologists, innoForce has developed the database program ENTstatistics with which ENT therapies can be recorded in a rational and systematic manner and evaluated statistically.

The program stores all surgery reports, audiograms, follow-up reports, operation sketches and X-ray images in a user-friendly database. Therapy data stored there can be interrogated according to multiple criteria, and audiograms can be compared before and after surgery. A mouse click allows important statistical characteristic values to be calculated instantaneously and presented in graphical form.

Quality enhancing features
  • Relevant therapy data archived in their entirety with
  • a clear structure
  • Measures identified for optimising internal
  • processes and procedures
  • Increased therapy success rate
  • Reduced treatment costs
  • Rapid location-independent access to data (e.g.
  • during a consultation)
Cost-saving features
  • Easy and quick operation
  • Significant time saving for evaluations
  • Individual configuration of all reports with the Admin Tool
  • Flexible integration into existant systems
  • Based on a sophisticated system which is being continuously improved

"An extremely constructive collaborative project with innoForce has resulted in a database program which not only provides complete storage of relevant audiological, surgical, imaging and graphic data but also supplies a rapid and comprehensive statistical evaluation. - A system like this is something we’ve been waiting for for a long time!"  
Dr. Thomas Linder
Prof. Dr. Thomas Linder
Director of the ENT Clinic
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